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CycleNation Volunteers

Apr 27th, 2017 - Nov 11th, 2017

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Join Our Team. Volunteer!

The CycleNation team is grateful for the dedication and commitment of volunteers like you that are contributing to the movement that is saving lives, impacting stroke and heart research, and fostering prevention and treatment for an entire nation. CycleNation would not be possible without our volunteers!

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when can I volunteer?
CycleNation will need volunteers during the Opening Celebration on Friday, and at the start, finish, and every stop along the route on Saturday. For more detailed job descriptions and/or locations, please see the Activities Selector section.

Is there an age minimum to volunteer?
Yes, you must be at least fourteen (14) years old to volunteer.

What should I wear when volunteering?
All CycleNation volunteers will receive a complimentary t-shirt upon arrival at their first shift. Additionally, we suggest wearing lightweight fabrics, comfortable shoes, and sunscreen, along with the CycleNation voluteer t-shirt provided. We also suggest checking the weather prior to your shift. If you're volunteering all day, consider bringing a light jacket or sweater as we may experience cooler mornings and warmer afternoons. Please note that the majority of activities are outdoors and volunteers will likely be on their feet for a majority of their shift.

Will there be a place to keep my personal belongings during my shift?
Yes, there will be a bag check-in tent where volunteers will be able to store personal bags, backpacks, and/or purses.

Will meals be provided for volunteers?
Yes, light refreshments in the morning and lunch provided for all CycleNation volunteers.